Ayurveda medicine and Yoga are just some of the great exports of Hindu culture to the west. However, modern day issues are under the microscope with diabetes and heart problems particular prevalent within the British Asian community.

happy gujis in business

Without a plethora of facts, it would be hard to say whether Gujaratis are the best business people in the world? But there amazing anecdotal evidence and data from some sectors of what Gujaratis can do when it comes to business.

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Bad Boy Gulshan Grover

He is branded as the Bad Boy of Bollywood. The screen character who filmgoers like to hate. Yet if you meet the Star in real life, he is one of the nicest guys around with a big heart, a crazy sense of humour and international profile which most screen idols would give their career for. HMB caught up with the man himself, Gulshan Grover, at the London International Film Festival.

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BAPS Donors

In a campaign by BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir to get more people of South Asian origin to register on the Bone Marrow Donor Register resulted in 59 new members. Further information on the story can be found on the BAPS Mandir website.

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