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Must know things about Akshardham temple in Delhi

The creation and the making of this temple were managed and regulated by an association named BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha). Around 3000 volunteer labourers and 7000 craftsmen helped this association to manufacture this wonderful sanctuary. It was formally opened on sixth November 2005. The structure was composed such that this temple can last for no less than 1000 years more.

The temple covers a gigantic area of the ground. It is a compositional artful finishing that is gigantic in it's every angle. The temple covers a land size of around 83,342 square feet. The real cum focal monument is likewise great in its length, broadness, and width. This 350 feet long, 315 feet wide, and 141 feet high landmark is totally appealing.

The outward core of the temple is unpredictably carved. It is enhanced with 200 moulded stone figures of divine figures of India. 

The Parikrama or the structure encompassing the landmark is additionally dazzling. This 3000 feet long Parikrama is a two-storied structure and it is worked as an asphalt. This structure is produced using red stones specially brought from Rajasthan. It has 1152 columns and 155 windows. There are 108 gaumukh around this Parikrama. When you stroll around this structure, you can hear the sound of streaming water. 

The Akshardham temple is encompassed by a sacred lake named the Narayan Sarovar. The water of this lake contains water from 151 holy lakes and streams arranged the nation over. The water of this lake should have astounding mending power. 

The green yards on the premises of the temple are all in all known as the Garden of India. These yards are enriched with incredibly composed bronze statues of extraordinary and epic identities of India. These personalities are not celestial or fanciful figures, rather they are the genuine legends. 

The garden of the Akshardham Temple is organized like a Lotus Bloom. It is otherwise called the Bharat Upavan. Each petal of this bloom holds and bears messages from visionary, progressive, transformative, heavenly, and epic identities of the world. 

The Akshardham Temple has ten doors. The structure of the temple was planned by following the rules in Hindu writings like Vaastu Shastra and Pancha Shastra. The structure took after a few standards said in the Vedic writing. The 10 entryways of this temple are apparent illustrations. These 10 doors speak to 10 rule headings as said in different Vedic writings. 

Yagnapurush kund is the biggest yagna kund on the planet. The length and width of this sanctuary measure in 300 feet each. It contains 108 little places of worship and 2870 stapes towards the kund

The Gajendra pith is the structural establishment made around the main temple. It states something around 3000 tons weight. This structure includes models of 148 elephants, 42 winged animals and creatures, 125 people, and numerous different figures and substances. 

This marvellous and magnificence temple has achieved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Upon the arrival of seventeenth December 2007, the Akshardham Temple was pronounced as The Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple in the World by this universal organization.

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