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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be including Blogs and News?

The simple answer is Yes. Hindu Matters in Britain will provide data content and opinion on issues relevant to British Hindus. It is building a database of writers and researchers who will be able to provide content on a regular basis.

Why do we need Hindu Matters in Britain?

Hindu Matters in Britain exists to offer the full picture of the Hindus in Britain. Currently, the information that exists is sketchy and not easily accessible. By providing such a platform, it is envisaged that the user will have a much better experience in gaining an objective framework of the British Hindu community. Hindu Matters in Britain is not trying to re-invent the wheel, nor trying to re-create some of the excellent sites that already exists. It is providing an overall context of up to date data, informed opinions and sign-posting to where to get access to the relevant information.

What subjects does HMB cover?

Hindu Matters in Britain covers any area that would be relevant to the Hindu community of Britain. For the ease of access, the website is divided into the following general categories: Arts & Culture; Education; Finance & Aid; Justice & Politics; Media and Wellbeing. All these categories are further sub-divided into specific categories. There are specialist categories on demographics (Numbers); the WW1 Commemoration and Mandir Locator. There categories are likely to change as the website continues to develop.

What is Hindu Matters in Britain (HMB)?

Hindu Matters in Britain is a portal specifically developed to provide information about the British Hindu community. The site is not political, nor religious. Its function is to deliver up to date information on issues that matter to British Hindus. By offering such information on a single platform, the user will be able to make informed decisions on issues relevant to the British Hindu community and how they relay within the mainstream British public policy and opinion.

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