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In The Joy of Others Lies Our Own HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj

In the Joy of others lies our own

A short glimpse of the life and achievements of HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj

There are hundreds of coaching books that teach you various ways of dealing with life situations. Never ever has there been a book written about the life of a Hindu Sadhu containing lessons from his life.

This is a unique educational tool as the readers gets a glimpse of the life of a Sadhu and even more unique is that we will share some incredible basic life lessons from someone that actually practises them.

To start off, how many teachers do you know that work for nothing other than to help humanity, have only one purpose in life which is to introduce all individuals from all walks of life to the God within him.

This book is all about humility, purpose of life, love and respect, patience and working to benefit everyone - all unheard of life lessons. You will not learn to make more money, or how to have more of everything, you will simply learn about how to become happy by actually not wanting anything!

HH was born in an average family home in a village in India (photo) and when he died at the age of 96 he had established temples, schools and hospitals  in almost all the continents of the world. The Sanstha(2) has a following of over 10 million devotees worldwide, each one an ambassador of his virtues. He has received accolades from various Parliaments etc. and, most importantly, built a workforce of over 100,000 volunteers who had been inspired to give time (seva) as part of life. 

Yet he personally had two pairs of Dhotis, no bank account, and practised 5 vows of detachment - his attachment was only to God and his  purpose was to introduce everyone to God, help all to live a life free of addiction, commit to spreading harmony and truly understand that the purpose of life is to be responsible for all that is around us and be a good sevak(3), never expect to receive credit and only to participate in making the world a happier place without waiting for the result. One piece of advice he gave was not to engage in breaking someone else's stick or trying to make your stick bigger, not to bully nor to bring someone else down, only to show that you have a higher purpose of reconciliation, forgiveness, harmony and love.

 The life lessons we will explore are from his childhood right up to his death.

I hope you will enjoy reading about this wonderful soul who I was privileged enough to know and serve. Many individuals from all walks of life, even those who met him for as little as 5 minutes, have commented "if God was to exist on earth, it would be in him because he and his action can only be described as divine".

It would be appropriate to end this short introduction by summarising his life’s message:

In the joy of others, lies our own

In the happiness of others rests our own,

In the progress of others rests our own.

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Tribute to Jay Lakhani: British Hindus reflect on his enduring legacy that will live on for generations

heoretical physicist and global speaker Shri (Dilip) Jay Lakhani passed away peacefully at home on December 4, aged 72. It was a sad day for the British Hindu community as they bade farewell to the adored and well-respected scholar and pioneer of Hindu studies in the UK.

Author of 'Hinduism for Schools' (2005), 'Primary Hinduism' (2006), 'Special Times: Hinduism' (2009) and 'A Journey Through Life in Hinduism' (2010), Lakhani was the first Hindu tutor at Eton College and was known for his popular GCSE and A-Level Hinduism classes, which he ran up and down the country.

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3 Indian origin MPs get top jobs in Government

It was not long ago when we were complaining about the lack of Indian origin in the political arena. The success in business, medicine and engineering were the stereotypical paths to success. Yet the latest Cabinet reshuffle in Boris Johnson’s Government has added a twist to the stereotype.

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Arvind Krishna CEO of IBM

Indian professionals continue to make their mark on the top echelons of the world's tech companies. The latest one is Arvind Krishna taking up his post in April 2020 as the new CEO of IBM.

IBM may longer be a household name in your local techie store, but its work on the high end IT-based in 177 countries brings in a net income of over $9 billion annually,

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The legacy of Ram Dass

For many British Hindus, they would have no recollection of Ram Dass – a white man with a very traditional Indian name. Only those who are curious and learn about this amazing individual's life will realise how much he has helped progress the Hindu cause in the west, and especially the USA.

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British Museum snaps up Indian masterpiece

The British Museum has managed to raise around £440,000 to buy a painting by one of India’s greatest painters which was earmarked to be exported abroad. It has been bought with support from the Art Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Brooke Sewell Permanent Fund.

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General Election 2019: The Brexit Gamble

Is it going to be a Brexit election where people will be voting in order to impact a specific outcome? The next election is like a roulette table with political chips waged to decide the future of the nation.

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A Parliamentary First

Britain ethnic minority population is nearing 14%. There has been a steady rise in how ethnic minorities are represented in public life at around 8% in parliament.

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Lord Paul

The philanthropic gift by Lord Paul is in memory of his daughter Ambika who died of leukaemia. A similar donation of £1 million was made to the London Zoo in 1994 by Lord Paul. The Children’s Zoo is named after Ambika.

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Professor Meena UPADHYAYA of Cardiff University was honoured with an OBE for services to Medical Genetics and the Welsh Asian community

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Rajgauri Parwar

Rajgauri Parwar may only be 12 years old, but she had made history by scoring two points higher than the most famous geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in the Mensa IQ Test. She has not been invited to join the exclusive Mensa club.

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Saeed Jaffery

Tributes are pouring in for veteran actor Saeed Jaffrey who died at the age of 86 suffering from a brain haemorrhage in London.

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Shailesh Vara

North West Cambridgeshire MP, Shailesh Vara has become the new Co-Chair of the Conservative Friends of India (CF India).

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Dadi Janki Centenary

It is hard to believe that the Spiritual Leader of the Brahma Kumaris is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Dadi Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to service to spiritual and social causes all around the world.

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Tribute to Pramukh Swami Maharaj

People from all across the world are paying the respects to Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the spiritual leader of Boachasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS) who passed away at the age of 95.

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Living a legacy of positive community relations

The great Indian poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore said that  “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.” Such was the life of the late Shri Natubhai. Hundreds of people from different faith communities gathered to express their solidarity to the family

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Bad Boy Gulshan Grover

He is branded as the Bad Boy of Bollywood. The screen character who filmgoers like to hate. Yet if you meet the Star in real life, he is one of the nicest guys around with a big heart, a crazy sense of humour and international

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Lord Popat

He is seen as an astute entrepreneur and public figure who walks through the corridors of Parliament with style, but with subtlety.

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Dadi Janki Centenary

It is hard to believe that the Spiritual Leader of the Brahma Kumaris is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Dadi Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to service to spiritual and social causes all around the world.

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The CB brand name

His full name is Chandrakant Babubhai Patel, but he is endearingly known as CB Patel. The initials ‘CB’ is synonymous with Asian Media Publications, entrepreneurship,

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