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Hindu families have very strong educational aspirations for their children. Department of Education data suggests that Hindu children are amongst the highest educational achievers

The Brexit Dilemma and Indian Students

People may be tired of hearing about ‘Brexit’, but unfortunately it is the buzzword of 2019 that has international implications. It’s not only going to impact our lives in the UK, but globally in key areas like trade and education.

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Bittersweet Report

It is no longer would come us a surprise but Britain’s ethnic minorities continue to make inroads into the heart of the British career ladder.

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Faith Schools

Faith schools can be defined as educational institutions that have a specific religious ethos or a formal link with a religion.

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Languages scrapped

Parents and groups around the country are campaigning hard to reverse a decision by the Examining Boards to scrap a number

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Rajgauri Parwar

Rajgauri Parwar may only be 12 years old, but she had made history by scoring two points higher than the most famous geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in the Mensa IQ Test. She has not been invited to join the exclusive Mensa club.

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