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India needs to address hostile Western media

In the summer of 2014, the influential British weekly The Economist — also read by a section of India’s decision-makers — created a minor flutter by endorsing the Congress. Actually, more than being enthusiastic about the UPA-II that had completed an uninspiring five years, the magazine was outrightly disapproving of the challenger, Narendra Modi. Its argument was less focused on the future of Indian capitalism under Modi but principally centred on the BJP’s alleged programme of social divisiveness.

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British-born Aatish Taseer presents ‘In Search of India’s Soul’

The reason writer Aatish Taseer signed up for the recently aired Al Jazeera documentary series ‘In Search of India’s Soul’ was because the producer didn’t want the typical Western documentary about India, in which Left-wing talking heads go on about the rise of fascism, but something that would deal seriously with the Hindu sense of hurt, perceived or real, that was causing the present conflagration. 

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Huffpost’s anti-Hindu propaganda is visible, yet again, from its report on Chandni Chowk temple desecration

Huffpost India, formerly known as HuffingtonPost India should once again consider changing its name to something more appropriate such as “Hinduphobicpost India”. In its latest attempt to malign Hinduism, Hindus and the political right wing, the opinion blog has tried to twist basic facts about the Chandni Chowk temple desecration case in Delhi so as to favour its preferred Hindu-bashing narrative.

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BBC’s Hindu Bashing report on ‘Caste’

“The National Council of Churches in India will hold a day of protest next week against the country’s discriminatory caste system. It follows a number of attacks against Dalits in various parts of the country. Rahul Tandon reports.”

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Vamsee Juluri, professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco, speaks up for the anonymous Hindu who, he says, was silent all those years of the colonial rule only to be criticized as an ‘oppressor’ post-Independence. His new book ‘Rearming Hinduism’ seeks to restore to the millennia-old faith its intellectual heritage by reintroducing Hinduism to Hindus. Juluri tells Narayani Ganesh that foreign ‘experts’ have only contributed to the misconceptions.

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Hinduphobic Nazi Rally held at Colors Hoxton in London

Some pissed off Hindus from the LGBTQ community brought this to our attention. A Hungama event was held at Colors Hoxton club in London recently, where again we witnessed how Hinduphobic Nazi propaganda via appropriating Run DMCs art promoted under the guise of attacking the CAB/CAA bill in faraway India. This is the reason behind so many attacks on Hindu temples, Hindus and Hinduism recently by colonised native protesters.

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