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India’s Vaccine Dilemma: Serving the nation vs Diplomacy

India has recorded the second-highest numbers of COVID-19 infections behind the USA. It is a sad state of affairs, but with a country of over 1.3 billion inhabitants, it is not surprising. What is perhaps more surprising, to at least the rest of the world, is that the country has the capability and the capacity to manufacture the vaccines and show the rest of the world why it is called the pharma capital of the world.

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Ranjit's win was announced on the 3rd December 2020, in London, UK

From less than 2% attendance to 100% - An inspiration to ALL #teachersaround the world.
Indian village teacher Ranjitsinh Disale, who transformed the life chances of young girls at the Zilla Parishad Primary School, Paritewadi, Solapur, Maharashtra, India, has been named the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2020, in partnership with UNESCO.
Ranjit's win was announced on the 3rd December 2020, in London, UK
The impact of Ranjitsinh’s interventions has been extraordinary: there are now no teenage marriages in the village and 100 per cent attendance by girls at the school. The school was also recently awarded the best school in the district with 85% of his students achieving A grades in annual exams. One girl from the village has now graduated from University, something seen as an impossible dream before Ranjitsinh arrived.

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Is this a case of abhorrent perpetuation of Hindu Phobia?

Thank you for getting in touch about our article Coronavirus: What's driving India's 100,000 Covid-19 deaths?

The picture shows a municipal worker sanitising a graveyard in India after the burial of Covid victims.

We thought it was a good picture which is relevant to the story.

Best wishes, Sean Moss, BBC News website Complaints


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Never to be Forgotten - or are they?

It was in amazement to hear that Google Doodle celebrated the 80th birthday of an Indian swimmer. It is a story that most people would not have heard about and certainly most Indians would be very proud of – if they knew! So, thank you Google.  

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Coronavirus - Are we winning?

The world psyche revolves around the coronavirus as stories of death, economic destruction, and glimpses of inspirational individuals continue to cover the news headlines.

As the numbers of covers have begun to rise again, the data for the South Asian community does not look rosy. South Asians are five times more likely to get coronavirus than white people. Numerous reports have shown that BAME communities have a much higher chance of dying from coronavirus than white people.

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Did a group of UK MPs mislead the Britsh Parliament?

Did a group of UK MPs mislead the Britsh Parliament by paraphrasing the India's opposition politians without any basic research whatsoever? 


HuffPost > Systemic Hindutva Violence Waged On Muslims In India Sanctioned By BJP Govt: Indian-Origin British MP


The Express Tripbue > India comes under fire in British parliament over CAA, Delhi riots


How the British Public funded BBC and British Media failed to report imparially that BOTH Hindus and Muslims were killed during the fatal riots? 


Is the British media, in this case, in breach of impartiality by paraphrasing the Indian opposition politicians without due resarch? 


BBC > Delhi riots: How Muslims' homes were targeted and burnt


The Guardian > Inside Delhi: beaten, lynched and burnt alive (Hannah EllisPetersen)


BBC > Delhi riots: 'No-one who saw the photo thought I would survive'

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British Indian boy wins global Yoga contest

BRITISH INDIAN boy has won the ‘My life My Yoga’ global  contest launched by the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Ten-year-old Ishwar Sharma won the contest held on the digital platform by the Indian ministry of Ayush and the Indian council for cultural relations. It was launched on May 31, by Modi on the International Yoga day.

A total of 35,141 entries were received from India and nearly 2,000 entries were received from other countries. The contest was held in six categories- professional, adult (above 18 years) and youth (under 18) with male and female contestants considered separately.

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The global online summit to combat COVID-19

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic is severe, stressful and in many cases fatal with the UK death rate rising above forty-four thousand. It is during this time; you see and hear about the brave and enduring individuals who find ways to beat the odds against the virus.

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Is China the new colonialist?

The world politely calls China a World Superpower. Critics would argue that its quest for world dominance has put the country on the path of the new colonialist. Its whirlwind of treacherous acts is a cause of much pain to global stability and the threat of earning a title befitting an international pariah if it weren't for its size and wealth.

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The Coronavirus Jigsaw Puzzle

The reasons behind why ethnic minorities are suffering greater losses over COVID than the white population continues. It is also getting more confusing as there is so much speculation, yet less clarity as to what it all means and what extra steps should BAME communities take to fight the dreaded disease.

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Most Diverse UK Parliament - Or is it?

It was one of the bruising general elections and that with the Brexit mixture made it a toxic concoction. The Labour Party in particular, antagonised the British Indian community with its stand on Kashmir.

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Is Corbyn playing 'divisive politics' with British Indians?

Jeremy Corbyn has always courted controversy. He's cloaked himself under the veil of justice, human rights and fighting for the underdog. But has he pushed a step too far with the British Indian community, who this year feel betrayed by a political party which like most immigrant communities, saw themselves as naturally aligned to the Labour Party?

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Lord Paul

The philanthropic gift by Lord Paul is in memory of his daughter Ambika who died of leukaemia. A similar donation of £1 million was made to the London Zoo in 1994 by Lord Paul. The Children’s Zoo is named after Ambika.

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The CB brand name

His full name is Chandrakant Babubhai Patel, but he is endearingly known as CB Patel. The initials ‘CB’ is synonymous with Asian Media Publications, entrepreneurship,

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Chandrakant Babubhai Patel

His full name is Chandrakant Babubhai Patel, but he is endearingly known as CB Patel. The initials ‘CB’ is synonymous with Asian Media Publications, entrepreneurship,

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Faith through a lens

Faith plays a positive role in many peoples' lives and this competition encourages people from all backgrounds and beliefs to engage with the subject of faith in its wider context.

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