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Hindus:- The Everlasting Impact of Hindus and Hinduism on World Civilisation

Throughout history, Hinduism has been more than just a religion; it has been a way of life, a philosophy, and a cultural beacon that has illuminated the world with its profound wisdom and timeless teachings. From ancient scriptures to modern innovations, Hindus and Hinduism have made significant positive contributions to the world, shaping both the spiritual and material realms. Let us explore some of these enduring contributions that continue to enrich humanity.

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Celebrating Holi: Embracing Diversity and Unity in Today’s World

In a world marked by diversity, where cultures and traditions intertwine, the Hindu festival of Holi stands as a beacon of joy, color, and unity. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Holi transcends geographical boundaries to become a global celebration of harmony and togetherness. As we delve into the significance of Holi in contemporary times, we uncover its timeless relevance and the profound message it carries for humanity.

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BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi: A symbol of shared heritage of humanity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The PM along with the Mukhya Mahant of BAPS Hindu Mandir performed all the rituals. The PM termed the Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi as a symbol of shared heritage of humanity. He said that the temple is a shared heritage of humanity and is a golden moment in India-UAE ties.



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Diwali 2023 celebrated at the EP with MEPs Morten Løkkegaard and Maxette Pirbakas

On Wednesday 25 October, the Diwali festival was celebrated at the European Union Parliament in Brussels (Belgium). The festival will take place this year on 12 November, but due to Parliament’s own agenda and to allow the largest number of representatives of Hinduism in Europe to attend, it was held two weeks in advance, as reported by La Verdad de Ceuta.

The event was organised by the Hindu Forum of Europe (HFE) in collaboration with the Palan Foundation and the Phi Foundation. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, has been celebrated in the European Parliament since 2015.

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What happened at BAPS and Cisco is a timeless warning about the perils of presuming guilt

The testimony these workers and others stated formed the basis for a May 2021 guns-drawn, pre-dawn raid by Federal law enforcement, violating a highly sacred space. The unprecedented raid was accompanied by a simultaneous New York Times exposé which characterized the widely respected Hindu institution of BAPS as something close to slave-traders, the temple itself compared to the Temple of Doom from the Indiana Jones film series by other writers, and was even used to malign the current government of India, since BAPS originates from the same state as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Now, those workers stating under oath that they were made to make false allegations are certainly not all of the workers alleging mistreatment in Robbinsville. The initial lawsuit had six named plaintiffs, who stated they were filing the suit “on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated.”  Following the raid some 110 workers were taken from the temple grounds. Where they are being held, we do not know.

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Persecution and Discrimination of Hindus in Pakistan

Persecution and Discrimination of Hindus in Pakistan Ranbir Singh, Chair of Hindu Human Rights Group (HHR)

The state-run electronic media, which until recently dominated the opinion building in Pakistan as the only TV channel, PTV, and Pakistan Radio were completely under control of the state, which used to portray India (Hindu) as eternal enemies of Pakistan and Muslims of the entire world. Blaming India for every happening in Pakistan. The stories of atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims in Indian held Kashmir by the Hindu Army were part of regular and essential part of every news bulletin and other programmes of current affairs. The print media, particularly mainstream Urdu newspapers, have also played their role in portraying Hindu as an enemy of Pakistan. This systematic image building has proved poisonous for Pakistani society, particularly it has made the lives of Hindus miserable. Hindus are suspected as agent of RAW and the poor and illiterate Hindus caste people are easy target to implicate in false cases to victims because of their weak socio economic status. Upper class rich Hindus may have been position to escape this attitude on the basis of their wealth, but there is no way out for poor.

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The Blood Review - An independent review into how government engages with faith

The Bloom Reviwe:- Chapter 6: Hindu Nationalism:  Click Here For THE BLOOM REVIEW

Bloom Report Response from the Hindu Perspective by Insight UK 

We appreciate the government's intent behind the independent review examining how the government should engage with faith groups in England. Any such study is of great importance if the UK is to uphold its reputation as a successful, diverse, and multi-faith country, which protects its people's rights to practise their religion, faith or beliefs.

As INSIGHT UK, a social movement of British Hindus and British Indians we broadly welcome the report though feel some issues facing the community have been underestimated and certain reflections about the community need re-examination for they are misinformed and misplaced.

INSIGHT UK is concerned with the rise in anti-Hindu hate as reported all across the country. The cases of attacks and vandalism of our temples are on the rise, as are incidents of targeted grooming and conversions of Hindus. It is worrisome that these anti-Hindu hate incidents are under-reported or misreported. The media bias, gaslighting of Hindu victims by systematically making false allegations against them and victim blaming is an extension of this, and aids the failure to recognise hate crimes against Hindus in this country. In this context, we feel that the report has underestimated the problem of radical Islam and its impact on religious minorities.

We are glad to see the Report identifying the presence and impact of the violent Khalistan movement in the UK, and terror groups like Babbar Khalsa whose members have been given refuge by Pakistan. The recognition of the terror tactics employed by them, such as the extreme content being posted by Khalistan extremists to silence the majority Sikh community, fuelling hate towards the Hindu community and all those who do not subscribe to their violent ideology, is a first step towards eliminating this menace. The issue of Khalistan extremists disturbing peace and posing a serious threat to British Sikhs and British Hindus needs constant monitoring and immediate countermeasures.

The nature of conversions and attempts to convert British Hindus to Christianity as reported in some recent cases have included provocative messaging by aggressive missionaries. The suggestions made are that the Christian faith is the only way to receive forgiveness for one’s sins and the only way to receive eternal life. Mindful of the psychological pressure on individuals subject to such conversion attempts and resultant disharmony among families and the wider Hindu community, we urge that an impact study be conducted on this particular issue.

While we appreciate the importance of addressing extremist ideologies, we believe it is essential to approach the subject matter with accuracy and fairness. We were surprised to find the British Hindu community who have no history of association with any form of extremism, being mentioned at all in Chapter 6 of the the report which deals with faith based extremism The two paragraphs and fifteen lines highlighting ‘Hindu Nationalism’ without a shred of evidence not only seem forced but reflect misinformation, poor research and what could be best described as an attempt to monkey balance and play to a certain gallery.

It is troubling that an independent review would use terms often used by radical elements and Islamists with a history of inciting violence against the British Hindu and British Indian community. ‘Hindu Nationalism’ has been used to gaslight Hindus and especially victims of anti-Hindu hate in UK.

India is the birthplace of Sanatan Dharma, the Hindu faith and philosophy. It is this vibrant religious culture and the extensive stretch of Hindu pilgrimage places across the length and breadth of the country that makes India a sacred geography for all Hindus. The significance of and the connection to the landscape of India for British Hindus and Hindus all over the world is deeply spiritual and beyond the notion of a modern nation state. This connection is vital for all Hindus to enhance and strengthen their spiritual practices and it promotes cultural pride and preservation. The report has grossly misread this natural attachment to what is a holy land for Hindus.

Contrary to an apt example of extremism, the bombing of Air India Flight 182 by Sikh Khalistani extremists, the report mentions ‘extreme Hindu nationalism’ but fails to provide any evidence of extremism linked to this phenomenon. The report thus draws a false equivalence between religious extremism and Hindu nationalism. The allegation is baseless and the recommendations irrelevant. It is worrying that this can perpetuate stereotypes and contribute to the marginalisation of a peaceful community. Hindu faith is founded on principles of peace, compassion, and tolerance.

It is stated that the review is the result of consultations with thousands of faith leaders, however there is no reference to any feedback from Hindu faith leaders in the report, nor to the findings of credible independent think tanks who have studied the victimisation of Hindus in the UK. It is important to know who was consulted in relation to the UK Hindu Faith Community.

Unbelievably the report mentions two references, one a BBC story covering an interview with Majid Freeman, a known extremist and fake news peddler, and another article written by Sunny Hundal who has previously been known to have peddled fake news about the Leicester incident. Not only is this very shallow research, but is deeply problematic because a known Islamist and supporter of radical terror organisations such as ISIS and the Taliban, Majid Freeman, has been cited as a reference. Multiple independent think tanks and our own investigation revealed that Majid Freeman was actively spreading misinformation on social media about the Hindu community, potentially triggering further unrest, tension and violence against Hindus.

The other name cited is Sunny Hundal (extreme left-leaning journalist, former deputy editor for the Independent), who was one of the many others on social media stoking the flames of religious hatred by falsely equating the cricket fans as Hindus, the Hindu community, and nonexistent Hindu extremists. Warnings were made on social media that violence will soon be coming from the Muslim community. Nothing against Muslims or Islam had been uttered, but the false narrative spread like wildfire

There have been reports from reputable sources that clearly demonstrate the role of Islamists and the weaponisation of social media to incite further hate against the Hindus by spreading lies. On the contrary the recent Leicester incident was proven to have no links to Hindu nationalism by both UK and international research organisations. Sharing three reports and our own investigations which establish these links and the victimisation of Hindus:

1. Hindu-Muslim civil unrest in Leicester: “Hindutva” and the creation of a false narrative by the Henry Jackson Society: https:// henryjacksonsociety.org/publications/hindu-muslim-civil-unrestin-leicester-hindutva-and-the-creation-of-a-false-narrative/

1. Cyber Social Swarming Precedes Real World Riots in Leicester:

How Social Media Became a Weapon for Violence by the Network Contagion Research Institute Report (NCRI): https:// networkcontagion.us/reports/11-16-22-cyber-social-swarmingprecedes-real-world-riots-in-leicester-how-social-media-becamea-weapon-for-violence/?ref=quillette.com

1. Fact-finding report on Leicester violence 2022 by The Centre for Democracy Pluralism and Human Rights (CDPHR): https:// www.cdphr.org/Report-Final.pdf

2. How fake news was spread to incite hate and attacks on Hindus in Leicester- https://insightuk.org/how-fake-news-was-used-toincite-hate-and-attacks-on-hindus

We would like to emphasise the need for balanced and evidence-based reporting. It is crucial to provide accurate information to the public and policymakers, as inaccurate or biased reports can have far-reaching consequences. Such reports can lead to further stigmatisation, discrimination, and a negative impact on interfaith relations.

We kindly request that you reconsider the inclusion of Hindu nationalism as a major issue in your report unless there is compelling evidence to substantiate such claims. By doing so, you would be taking an important step towards ensuring that your report accurately reflects the realities of the current global threat landscape.

We request a meeting with you to discuss at length the Hindu community’s concerns. Thank you for your attention to this matter. We trust that you will give due consideration to the issues raised and our requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Best Regards, INSIGHT UK Team

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In The Joy of Others Lies Our Own HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj

In the Joy of others lies our own

A short glimpse of the life and achievements of HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj

There are hundreds of coaching books that teach you various ways of dealing with life situations. Never ever has there been a book written about the life of a Hindu Sadhu containing lessons from his life.

This is a unique educational tool as the readers gets a glimpse of the life of a Sadhu and even more unique is that we will share some incredible basic life lessons from someone that actually practises them.

To start off, how many teachers do you know that work for nothing other than to help humanity, have only one purpose in life which is to introduce all individuals from all walks of life to the God within him.

This book is all about humility, purpose of life, love and respect, patience and working to benefit everyone - all unheard of life lessons. You will not learn to make more money, or how to have more of everything, you will simply learn about how to become happy by actually not wanting anything!

HH was born in an average family home in a village in India (photo) and when he died at the age of 96 he had established temples, schools and hospitals  in almost all the continents of the world. The Sanstha(2) has a following of over 10 million devotees worldwide, each one an ambassador of his virtues. He has received accolades from various Parliaments etc. and, most importantly, built a workforce of over 100,000 volunteers who had been inspired to give time (seva) as part of life. 

Yet he personally had two pairs of Dhotis, no bank account, and practised 5 vows of detachment - his attachment was only to God and his  purpose was to introduce everyone to God, help all to live a life free of addiction, commit to spreading harmony and truly understand that the purpose of life is to be responsible for all that is around us and be a good sevak(3), never expect to receive credit and only to participate in making the world a happier place without waiting for the result. One piece of advice he gave was not to engage in breaking someone else's stick or trying to make your stick bigger, not to bully nor to bring someone else down, only to show that you have a higher purpose of reconciliation, forgiveness, harmony and love.

 The life lessons we will explore are from his childhood right up to his death.

I hope you will enjoy reading about this wonderful soul who I was privileged enough to know and serve. Many individuals from all walks of life, even those who met him for as little as 5 minutes, have commented "if God was to exist on earth, it would be in him because he and his action can only be described as divine".

It would be appropriate to end this short introduction by summarising his life’s message:

In the joy of others, lies our own

In the happiness of others rests our own,

In the progress of others rests our own.

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A Case Study of Religious Harmony and Dialogue

A Case Study of Religious Harmony and Dialogue

Among many examples of positive progress towards religious harmony and mutual respect is BAPS – a socio-spiritual organisation which has led the effort to bring about dialogue between different faiths and promote the values of unity in diversity.

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A Tribute to Pramukh Swami Maharaj

His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj (1921-2016) was the fifth spiritual successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the inspirer of millions. He dedicated his life to selflessly serving others for the greater good of humanity, travelling across the world as an ambassador of love, peace, harmony, righteousness and faith. Pramukh Swami Maharaj was loved and respected as one of the great spiritual leaders of our time, who taught and embodied the timeless, universal wisdom: “In the joy of others lies our own.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Centenary Festival NAGAR INTRODUCTION

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Tribute to Jay Lakhani: British Hindus reflect on his enduring legacy that will live on for generations

heoretical physicist and global speaker Shri (Dilip) Jay Lakhani passed away peacefully at home on December 4, aged 72. It was a sad day for the British Hindu community as they bade farewell to the adored and well-respected scholar and pioneer of Hindu studies in the UK.

Author of 'Hinduism for Schools' (2005), 'Primary Hinduism' (2006), 'Special Times: Hinduism' (2009) and 'A Journey Through Life in Hinduism' (2010), Lakhani was the first Hindu tutor at Eton College and was known for his popular GCSE and A-Level Hinduism classes, which he ran up and down the country.

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A Case Study of Religious Harmony and Dialogue

Among many examples of positive progress towards religious harmony and mutual respect is BAPS – a socio-spiritual organisation which has led the effort to bring about dialogue between different faiths and promote the values of unity in diversity.

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The Christian population in the UK has declined, for the first time, below the 50 percent mark

The Christian population in the UK  has declined, for the first time, below the 50 percent mark.

UK population by religion - In one of the most notable takeaways from the latest census data released by Britain, the UK's Muslim population has shown a 'rapid' rise, even as the Christian population has declined, for the first time, below the 50 percent mark. Interestingly, there is also a sizeable portion of the Hindu population in the UK - the UK population data has shown. This is the first time that the country's official religion - Christianity - has been followed by a minority population.

According to the excerpts of the data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), some 46.2% of the population of England and Wales described themselves as Christian on the day of the 2021 census, down from 59.3% a decade earlier. The Muslim population grew from 4.9% to 6.5% of the population, even as 1.7% identified as Hindu, up from 1.5% - news agency PTI cited.

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A Tribute to HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj and His Centenary Birth Celebrations

His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj's centenary birth celebrations will be

held on 11 December 2021 and will be taking place at his birthplace

Chansad. In Chansad, there will be a special ceremony bearing Covid

protocols. Chansad will be dressed up for this occasion and with the

support of the Government, the lake, where he went to swim with his

friends, has been beautified. The lake has been cleaned up with a beautiful

walkway erected around it and an educational museum celebrating his life

has been built.

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Tolerance over Interference

The farmers protest has taken a violent turn last week when thousands broke through the main protest and invaded one of India’s iconic sites – The Red Fort. And if that was not bad enough, they did it on India’s Republic Day celebrations.

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Faith and the Enviironment

Faith groups have the capacity to do much more when it comes to nature and climate change.

Hinduism itself has much to offer and in practice, there are some amazing projects around the world where green values are in the forefront. But how much of this is accessible in the public domain and how are faith groups pushing the importance of the environment?

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Diwali like no other

The pandemic has changed the boundaries of what we can do, and what we cannot. Diwali no longer means that thousands of people out on the streets of Leicester or on Trafalgar Square.

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Faith Leaders write to PM over lockdown

The Coronavirus is taken its toll and as the second lockdown takes effect, there are lots of questions as to on what basis decisions are taken. The faith communities are particularly upset. A group of faith leaders have jointly written to the Prime Minister saying: “We strongly disagree with the decision to suspend public worship during this time.”

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Wisdom from the Upanishads

Wisdom from the Upanishads. Secular in their content and universal in their appeal, these compositions have life affirming secrets that contain ideas about life, the universe and everything relevant from the 700BCE to the 21st century. Computer engineer, journalist and children's author, Roopa Pai is the co-founder of Bangalore Walks and the winner of the Crossword Award for "The Gita for Children". She has published over 20 books, including the fantasy-adventure Taranauts. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community

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Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Neasden Temple

People say that Hinduism is more than a religion, it is a way of life. This certainly is true of one of its greatest symbols in the UK. That is the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in the London borough of Brent which has been the centre of faith, seva, education, culture and community harmony for a generation.


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INVITATION: London Mandir 25th Anniversary Celebrations, UK & Europe

In August 1995, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj inaugurated BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, creating history – it was the first traditional Hindu mandir of its kind in the western hemisphere – and crafting the future for thousands of worshippers and well-wishers.

Affectionately known as ‘London Mandir’ and ‘Neasden Temple’, this mandir continues to serve today as a place of devotion and learning, an internationally acclaimed architectural marvel, and a sanctuary of peace, harmony and community service.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this inspiring creation, a series of enlightening programmes has been planned for everyone to enjoy and share.

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OneJAIN Paryushan Das Lakshan 2020 Global Launch 15th August

The 32 UK Jain Organisations, who are united under the ‘OneJAIN’ banner, are to launch this year’s Paryushan and Das Lakshan programme with an online event featuring major political leaders, prominent Jain spiritual leaders, and other faith leaders. from the Vatican and India.

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The last of the Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan

The last numbers of Hindus and Sikhs are to leave Afghanistan as soon as the Indian Government makes the necessary arrangements. This action comes amidst the continuous spate of attacks on religious minorities by Islamist fundamentalists.

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Why & How Indian Temples Were Created

Sadhguru explains how a temple is a tool to make the divine more manifestly experience-able. He looks at how one can use this tool appropriately and talks of some of the phenomenal temples that have been built in the Indian subcontinent.

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Syncing to God’s Playlist: Draupadi’s Prayer

Bhaktivardhan Swami explore popular Hindu bhajans about the power of prayer. With his upbringing in the US, Bhaktivardhandas Swami earned a degree in Economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey before being ordained as a sadhu by Pramukh Swami Maharaj in 2004. He spent the next 8 years training as a sadhu in India where he studied Hindu scriptures, Swaminarayan literature and philosophy. Bhaktivardhandas Swami currently serves at the BAPS Swaminarayan mandir in Houston. He regularly delivers talks on Hindu values and teachings and is an accomplished singer having performed around the whole as well as on BAPS audio publications. His insightful talks infused with his melodious singing have enthralled people around the world.

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Guru Purnima

Pujya Swami Yogvivivek Das from the BAPS Neasden Temple enlightens the significance of Guru Purnima. 

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Glory of Guru Purnima

A very informative session on the importance and celebration of Guru Purnima by Param Pujya Bramvihari Swami from Dubai, UAE.

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The global online summit to combat COVID-19

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic is severe, stressful and in many cases fatal with the UK death rate rising above forty-four thousand. It is during this time; you see and hear about the brave and enduring individuals who find ways to beat the odds against the virus.

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Guru Purmina

Pujya Swami Yogvivivek Das from the BAPS Neasden Temple enlightens the significance of Guru Purnima. 

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Is China the new colonialist?

The world politely calls China a World Superpower. Critics would argue that its quest for world dominance has put the country on the path of the new colonialist. Its whirlwind of treacherous acts is a cause of much pain to global stability and the threat of earning a title befitting an international pariah if it weren't for its size and wealth.

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Service to Bereavement

There are thousands of people working tirelessly in the service of others voluntarily. One such individual is Vinod Mathurdas Kotecha who provided volunteer bereavement services to families who are in need of support during one of the hardest times of their livers. 

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3 Indian origin MPs get top jobs in Government

It was not long ago when we were complaining about the lack of Indian origin in the political arena. The success in business, medicine and engineering were the stereotypical paths to success. Yet the latest Cabinet reshuffle in Boris Johnson’s Government has added a twist to the stereotype.

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Hindu Muslim Come Dine Together

The City of Leicester always tries hard to bring about the community spirit. More public institutions should come and see some of the ideas in action. The latest one from the St Philips Centre is to bring about stronger bonds between Hindus and Muslims by introducing a Channel 4 type Come Dine with Me dinner date.

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The legacy of Ram Dass

For many British Hindus, they would have no recollection of Ram Dass – a white man with a very traditional Indian name. Only those who are curious and learn about this amazing individual's life will realise how much he has helped progress the Hindu cause in the west, and especially the USA.

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Is the Labour Party flirting with extremism?

Political Correctness itself has gone on the end of the scale where speaking out against right-wing white supremacy is OK. Still, anything else against extreme left-wing liberals is perceived as an affront to human liberties. Let’s face it, extremism of any kind is wicked for the human psyche.

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Is Corbyn playing 'divisive politics' with British Indians?

Jeremy Corbyn has always courted controversy. He's cloaked himself under the veil of justice, human rights and fighting for the underdog. But has he pushed a step too far with the British Indian community, who this year feel betrayed by a political party which like most immigrant communities, saw themselves as naturally aligned to the Labour Party?

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Diwali - a new dawn

It’s a sight of a new dawn. Indian culture is extending across the globe. Where Indian culture has been tolerated for the sake of diversity and community relations is now embraced by the mainstream. 

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Temples under attack

With the Navaratri festival well on the way, Hindu communities are further preparing for the Diwali celebrations. Light over darkness as the saying goes.

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Kashmir and its impact on the UK

The Kashmir plight continues to hit the headlines. It is a story since the independence of India and Pakistan, which will not go away. Both nations have entrenched their positions. It should be a conflict that India wants to resolve as an internal matter, but Pakistan is aggressively pushing for international support with little avail.


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Guiding Hands of Navaratri

Indian Festivals are becoming recognised across the world as part of the Hindu identity, embedding into the psyche of other cultures in host countries where the Indian diaspora exists. With communities making preparations for the next mega-festival – Navaratri, organisers are now working hard to accommodate the elderly and the disabled.

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A new landmark for Oldham

When churches and other places of worship are closing down all over the country, it is astonishing that the magnificent architecture and spiritual significance of Hindu temples are making a special contribution to British civil life.

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First Hindu Shrine in a British Crematorium

Life is tough, but it is no different in death as faith and reality are at a constant edge. Cremation on open pyres or performing religious rituals and praying to deities for our loved ones may be the norm in India, but it sure is from a far cry in Britain where religious practices of one faith do not necessarily fit with the established system.

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Kumbh Mela 2019

It is the largest gathering of humanity with a cast of 120 million people. The Kumbh Mela is an awesome sight for the spiritual enthusiasts where between 15th January to 4th March 2019, people will come to the northern Indian city of Allahabad, which is has been renamed Prayagraj.

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Dadi Janki Centenary

It is hard to believe that the Spiritual Leader of the Brahma Kumaris is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Dadi Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to service to spiritual and social causes all around the world.

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Dadi Janki Centenary

It is hard to believe that the Spiritual Leader of the Brahma Kumaris is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Dadi Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to service to spiritual and social causes all around the world.

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Caste Campaign

The caste legislation controversy has become one of the most divisive issue within ethnic communities in Britain.

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Caste Campaign (1)

According to many faith based organisations, the threat of introducing caste legislation has become one of the most divisive issue within ethnic communities in Britain.

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Tribute to Pramukh Swami Maharaj

People from all across the world are paying the respects to Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the spiritual leader of Boachasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS) who passed away at the age of 95.

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Inter Faith Week

Inter Faith Week, now in its eighth year has become a firm fixture in the national calendar and its growing significance reflects the diversity of our society and the great importance of

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Francoise Gautier

Renowned French Indian scholar Francis Gautier is doing a speaking tour in the UK to raise awareness for a major Indian history museum project.

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Caste controversy

The issues around ‘caste’ have become controversial and complex. There is lack of clarity and understanding from people who do not understand the background. 

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World Hindu Economic Forum

World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) got a boost from the Employment Minister Priti Patel. She stressed that such platforms help strengthen economic relations and trade links between Indian and the UK.

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