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To operate within the objectives as set up by Palan Foundation, under the title of Hindu Matters in Britain. To this extent, we as independent members of the UK Indian diaspora aim to do the following:

1. Engage in dialogue with other faith organisations so that the relationship between the Indian (and other Indic faith groups) community and other communities is always transparent and mutually beneficial.

2. Act in the best interests of the UK, and engage with politicians and government wherever helpful and necessary, to help create social harmony between communities.

3. Provide academic and other commentaries, as needed, for policy recommendations. 

4. Engage where possible to ensure that news from India is impartial. Seek to kerb fake news that could create any nuisance to relationships domestically. For this matter engage with India as necessary. Recognise and challenge hate crimes.

5. Distribute knowledge of Santan Dharma.

6.  Engage and promote good quality research, informing the public.

7. Never be associated with any matters or persons that spread hatred. Essence of our being is to rely on truth and not to refer to any religion as being responsible for misbehaviour of individuals


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