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Arts and Culture in Hinduism

Art is so intimately associated with Indian religion and philosophy that it is difficult to appreciate it fully unless one has some knowledge of the ideals that governed the Hindu mind. In Hindu art, there is always a religious urge, a looking beyond. 

British Museum snaps up Indian masterpiece

The British Museum has managed to raise around £440,000 to buy a painting by one of India’s greatest painters which was earmarked to be exported abroad. It has been bought with support from the Art Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Brooke Sewell Permanent Fund.

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Diwali - a new dawn

It’s a sight of a new dawn. Indian culture is extending across the globe. Where Indian culture has been tolerated for the sake of diversity and community relations is now embraced by the mainstream. 

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JK Arts in profile

In the heart of the City of Leicester, a venue that encapsulates the humdrum of the local community, the Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre will be putting on a concert with three local singers from three different generations.

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