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Indian businesses are making a remarkable impact on the British economy. The old stereotypes of corner shops are being replaced by multinationals and global conglomerates. Some of the wealthiest Hindu led businesses are based in the United Kingdom including steel magnate Laxmi Mittal and the Hinduja Group.

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One of the stereotypes of Asians is that they are very good at saving and this applies to this day as there is a tradition to save as much as possible for future generations and security. The savings takes in the form of bank savings, investments and buying gold jewellery.

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Gujaratis best in business

Without a plethora of facts, it would be hard to say whether Gujaratis are the best business people in the world? But there amazing anecdotal evidence and data from some sectors of what Gujaratis can do when it comes to business.

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Bittersweet Report

It is no longer would come us a surprise but Britain’s ethnic minorities continue to make inroads into the heart of the British career ladder.

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Zaiwalla and Zaiwalla

HMB Congratulates Saroh Zaiwalla and Zaiwalla & Co Solicitors for being one of the four nominated firms for the “Law Firm of the Year – Exceptional Achievement”

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Silicon Valley

Satya Nadella and Sundar Puihai are now taking on the Indian baton, joining the familiar names of Indira Nooyi who is the chair and CEO of Pepsico and Ajaypal Singh Banga of MasterCard. 

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