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Indian businesses are making a remarkable impact on the British economy. The old stereotypes of corner shops are being replaced by multinationals and global conglomerates. Some of the wealthiest Hindu led businesses are based in the United Kingdom including steel magnate Laxmi Mittal and the Hinduja Group.

George Soros-backed OCCRP planning ‘expose’ on Indian firms: Report

The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) – an organisation funded by likes of George Soros and Rockefeller Brothers Fund – is said to be planning an ‘expose’ on certain corporate houses in India, said a report on Thursday.

OCCRP, which calls itself “an investigative reporting platform formed by 24 nonprofit investigative centres… spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America”, may publish a report or a series of articles, reported PTI quoting three sources with knowledge of the matter.

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Living in the midst of COVID-19

As the world continues to combat the evil of COVID-19, there are some now who conclude that we as humanity will have to live with COVID the way we have been living with cancer.

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The global online summit to combat COVID-19

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic is severe, stressful and in many cases fatal with the UK death rate rising above forty-four thousand. It is during this time; you see and hear about the brave and enduring individuals who find ways to beat the odds against the virus.

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Is China the new colonialist?

The world politely calls China a World Superpower. Critics would argue that its quest for world dominance has put the country on the path of the new colonialist. Its whirlwind of treacherous acts is a cause of much pain to global stability and the threat of earning a title befitting an international pariah if it weren't for its size and wealth.

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Crafting a career of dreams

Sometimes all the success in the world does not bring contentment. As Sona Madan profiles, there is a stage in your life, one has to jump down the career ladder to step up for that special dream. 

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3 Indian origin MPs get top jobs in Government

It was not long ago when we were complaining about the lack of Indian origin in the political arena. The success in business, medicine and engineering were the stereotypical paths to success. Yet the latest Cabinet reshuffle in Boris Johnson’s Government has added a twist to the stereotype.

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Arvind Krishna CEO of IBM

Indian professionals continue to make their mark on the top echelons of the world's tech companies. The latest one is Arvind Krishna taking up his post in April 2020 as the new CEO of IBM.

IBM may longer be a household name in your local techie store, but its work on the high end IT-based in 177 countries brings in a net income of over $9 billion annually,

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Women of influence, power and beyond

It is astounding times for Indian women globally as they are breaking through the glass ceiling and make it to the top jobs in politics, finance, science and many other spheres. In some cases, it would be apt to say that the sky is no longer the limit.

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Silicon Valley

Satya Nadella and Sundar Puihai are now taking on the Indian baton, joining the familiar names of Indira Nooyi who is the chair and CEO of Pepsico and Ajaypal Singh Banga of MasterCard. 

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Zaiwalla and Zaiwalla

HMB Congratulates Saroh Zaiwalla and Zaiwalla & Co Solicitors for being one of the four nominated firms for the “Law Firm of the Year – Exceptional Achievement”

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Bittersweet Report

It is no longer would come us a surprise but Britain’s ethnic minorities continue to make inroads into the heart of the British career ladder.

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Gujaratis best in business

Without a plethora of facts, it would be hard to say whether Gujaratis are the best business people in the world? But there amazing anecdotal evidence and data from some sectors of what Gujaratis can do when it comes to business.

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