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India’s Vaccine Dilemma: Serving the nation vs Diplomacy

India has recorded the second-highest numbers of COVID-19 infections behind the USA. It is a sad state of affairs, but with a country of over 1.3 billion inhabitants, it is not surprising. What is perhaps more surprising, to at least the rest of the world, is that the country has the capability and the capacity to manufacture the vaccines and show the rest of the world why it is called the pharma capital of the world.

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Why You Need To Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type

Discover how to harmonize your Body, Mind & Spirit, and rewire yourself for rapid healing and rejuvenation in this Free Masterclass here 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/WulzmmsT What if your kitchen was your pharmacy. Imagine being so in tune with your body and nature, and transforming the relationship you have with food and even with other people. That's just a little of what having an understanding of Ayurvedic body types can do.

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Faith and the Enviironment

Faith groups have the capacity to do much more when it comes to nature and climate change.

Hinduism itself has much to offer and in practice, there are some amazing projects around the world where green values are in the forefront. But how much of this is accessible in the public domain and how are faith groups pushing the importance of the environment?

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Faith Leaders write to PM over lockdown

The Coronavirus is taken its toll and as the second lockdown takes effect, there are lots of questions as to on what basis decisions are taken. The faith communities are particularly upset. A group of faith leaders have jointly written to the Prime Minister saying: “We strongly disagree with the decision to suspend public worship during this time.”

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Living in the midst of COVID-19

As the world continues to combat the evil of COVID-19, there are some now who conclude that we as humanity will have to live with COVID the way we have been living with cancer.

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Coronavirus - Are we winning?

The world psyche revolves around the coronavirus as stories of death, economic destruction, and glimpses of inspirational individuals continue to cover the news headlines.

As the numbers of covers have begun to rise again, the data for the South Asian community does not look rosy. South Asians are five times more likely to get coronavirus than white people. Numerous reports have shown that BAME communities have a much higher chance of dying from coronavirus than white people.

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Coronavirus Latest

The amount of information available on coronavirus is astonishing, but with it comes confusion, mixed messages and a whole lot of fake or inaccurate news. So here we are here again hoping to simplify the key information impacting the ethnic communities currently on the news agenda.

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Man fighting for life with Covid-19 when he heard tragic news his dad had lost fight with virus

A Leicester man has revealed how he was fighting for his life in hospital with Covid-19 when he was told his father had passed away from the same virus.

In February, Sanjiv Patel was warned by his brother - a doctor in Australia - about the impact coronavirus would have across the world.

He prepared for a change to his daily life ahead of the lockdown, but told LeicestershireLive he “never expected to get it and nothing could prepare [him]” for how it affected him and his family.

Image > LeicestershireLive 

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Breathing techniques and mudras for well-being

Kamu has been practicing Yoga for the last 15 years on and off. She became an instructor about 8 years back. Kamu runs her own business in UK, a Tour operator company called Golden Tours and she an Accountant by profession. Yoga is her passion and she wants to give all she can to the participants. Kamu has been teaching yoga in a very authentic way and also specialize in Breathing, Asanas, Chakras, and Mudras. Mudras are done with the fingertips of both hands and brings amazing results in the very acute disease and small ailments. Some mudras can bring results within minutes and some take a bit longer. They are good for participants who are not very flexible or mobile due to their illness or inflexibility or because they had an operation or surgery. Mudras can be done any time, some of course have special times but generally can be done at all times. And you don’t have to wait for three hours after the meals!!!

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Yoga Benefit For Health and Corona Control - Enhancing Immunity

Dr Rajeev Gupta is Medically Qualified Consultant in NHS for 17 years and is Chairman of Central Specialist Advisory Committee of The Royal College in London.

He has been Chairman of Regional Council of BMA for 5 years and is currently Chairman of the Regional Consultant Committee for Yorkshire. He active researcher and have been Chief Investigator and UK coordinator for International Research Trails. He has received many awards including clinical excellence awards, Glory of India Award, Outstanding personal Service Award, Heart award,

Patient Choice Award and Gold Award for health Workplace. He has active interest in yoga and has been tasked by Swami Ramdev ji to lead medical advisory committee and actively help integrating yoga into medical practice in UK.

He has since then set up teaching Yoga to doctors and has run many yoga teaching sessions for doctors each around 30 doctors. He has done a lot of study of the health benefits of yoga and will be happy to share it with us today.

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The global online summit to combat COVID-19

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic is severe, stressful and in many cases fatal with the UK death rate rising above forty-four thousand. It is during this time; you see and hear about the brave and enduring individuals who find ways to beat the odds against the virus.

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Hindu Matters In Britain  in colaboration with Healing Our Earth

We are pleased to be able to advise you that there is a FREE online summit on the above very important subject that will be broadcast LIVE to Global audiences on : 





The guest list and the programme details can be found on https://healingourearth.com/covid-19 . The session between Lord Jitesh Gadhia and Dr Bharat Pankhania at 3pm  is particularly relevant. They are happy to receive questions, (Click Here), from the community which they can address during their session.

May I request you to advise your community of this summit and the initiative ? 

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Racism could contribute to increased risks

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, who chairs the council of the British Medical Association, told the BBC: "It's important we now move forward and deliver those changes because it's the fair and right thing to do for our population."

He said more than 90% of doctors who had died during the pandemic were from BAME backgrounds. Doctors from these communities were also three times as likely to say they had felt pressured to work without sufficient protective equipment.

Image > Courtesy of BBC

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The Coronavirus Jigsaw Puzzle

The reasons behind why ethnic minorities are suffering greater losses over COVID than the white population continues. It is also getting more confusing as there is so much speculation, yet less clarity as to what it all means and what extra steps should BAME communities take to fight the dreaded disease.

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Coronavirus Latest: India joins Global Vaccine Mission

The crisis of Coronavirus continues worldwide. Even countries with low mortality rates are not safe, as they are either lacking increased testing or they are fearing a second wave of the spread which could further bring chaos within the health and economic systems.


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Service to Bereavement

There are thousands of people working tirelessly in the service of others voluntarily. One such individual is Vinod Mathurdas Kotecha who provided volunteer bereavement services to families who are in need of support during one of the hardest times of their livers. 

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The Diabetes Tsunami

South Asians are tainted with the blight of diabetes. It is a shame which the community needs to do more and help reverse this dangerous trend. This drift is no longer just in the United Kingdom, but it is reaching wherever the community diaspora locates.

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The legacy of Ram Dass

For many British Hindus, they would have no recollection of Ram Dass – a white man with a very traditional Indian name. Only those who are curious and learn about this amazing individual's life will realise how much he has helped progress the Hindu cause in the west, and especially the USA.

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Yoga and its four dimensions


Yoga, the ancient form of exercise which is practiced from centuries focuses on improving strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning ‘to unite’ symbolising the union of an individual self with the divine consciousness.

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Fighting Prostate Cancer - a Silent Killer

It is a first at a Hindu Temple in the UK or perhaps further afield. In a unique scheme to highlight the dangers of prostate cancer, a team of medical experts from Burton Hospital in Staffordshire provided prostate screening at the Jalaram Mandir in West London.

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Yoga and APPG Bob Blackman

 “Yoga to be integrated within the NHS” was the unanimous appeal of yoga experts and parliamentarians who met at the House of Commons as part of the International Yoga Day.

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UK Hindus are the happiest

Fascinating figures have immerged in the latest round of data released by Office for National Statistics (ONS). The key finding has been that religious people are happier than people with no religion.

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