National Gujarati Teachers Conference at BAPS temple

Popularly BAPS swaminarayan mandir is known as ‘Neasden Temple’. They welcomed 108 senior management representatives from 38 different schools and communities across England on 17th Saturday, February 2018.



The focus of the Conference:

  • This conference’s focus was Gujarati language learning and teaching. There is an Exam board in UK named Pearson handling the administration and operation of GCSE changes and A-Level Gujarati.
  • There are also documents available on their website on the specification of Gujarati exams and sample material.

               Specification GCSE L1-L2 in Gujarati

               Sample Assessment Material

  • There were speeches on ‘Treasure, Innovate and Inspire’ to promote the rich heritage of Gujarati language and innovate novel teaching methods.


Key speakers of Conference:

  • Alistair Drewery – Languages Subject Advisor

He gave an introduction on new GCSE specification. Then he handled question and answers workshop on GCSE specification.

  •  Pascale Vassie – OBE Executive director for NRC for Secondary Education

He gave a speech on raising supplementary schools and also handled workshop on Quality framework award – requirements and application process.

  • Bernadette Holmes – MBE from language campaign group

Mr. Holmes gave a speech on speak to the future.

  • Anju Bhatt – CEO of CVS Brent

She provided guidance on acquiring grants and funding support for Gujarati teaching.

  • Other Speakers- Raj Parmar and Alpesh Patel gave a speech on school management techniques and how can one achieve strong and successful school.
  • Gareth Thomas the member of parliament at Harrow West, who helped save the Gujarati exam being discontinued last year also visited the conference.

Viveksagar Swami’s Video Presentation:


Viveksagar Swami is a senior swami of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. He gave a video presentation on Gujarati learning and teaching.

Bernadette Holmes  Speech on Language learning  & Speak To the Future Campaign Objectives

  • So, why does language matter?

Because language is where our past, our present and our future coexist.

Language holds the keys to our knowledge, our understanding, our memory, our culture and our identity - perhaps also to our aspirations?

  • The Benefits of Language Learning    

The more we begin to construct our knowledge, our skills and our understanding through more than one language, the more we develop a sense of shared identity, knowledge of diversity, cultural empathy and multiple perspectives.

Survey of Employers on Language Learning Importance:



Golden Tours Foundation sponsored this conference that contributes towards helping young children learn their language and appreciate its richness.

Many delegates and teachers were overwhelmed after meeting and networking with many schools from different cities. As stated by BAPS next conference is in July 2018 where all Gujarati teachers are invited. To know more you can mail at





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