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Diwali in the European Parliament



As Diwali gets widely recognised, the Hindu Forum of Europe further celebrates the great festival in the midst of Euriopean public life. With the support of the Golden Tours Foundation which also supports the Diwali festival in Trafalgar Square, the event is now becoming an annual date in the European diary. 


Lighting the Diva in Parliament: (L to R) Krishna Kripa Dasa, Neena Gill CBE, MEP, Dr Lakshmi Vyas of Hindu Forum of Europe, Jo Leinen MEP and Kamu Palan, Golden Tours Foundation


The symbol of European Parliament at the entrance in Brussels, Belgium


Jo Leinen MEP a strong supporter of the Diwali Festival in European Parliament


Neena Gill, CBE, MEP​​​​​


Kamu Palan (centre) with Sarjan Dance Academy


Guest at the Parliament with Nitn Palan of Golden Tours Foundation
Guest watching performances
Performers from Belgium Art Lounge 9
We are One
Visiting In Flanders to commemorate the Indian Soldier of WW1


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