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Breathing techniques and mudras for well-being

Kamu has been practicing Yoga for the last 15 years on and off. She became an instructor about 8 years back. Kamu runs her own business in UK, a Tour operator company called Golden Tours and she an Accountant by profession. Yoga is her passion and she wants to give all she can to the participants. Kamu has been teaching yoga in a very authentic way and also specialize in Breathing, Asanas, Chakras, and Mudras. Mudras are done with the fingertips of both hands and brings amazing results in the very acute disease and small ailments. Some mudras can bring results within minutes and some take a bit longer. They are good for participants who are not very flexible or mobile due to their illness or inflexibility or because they had an operation or surgery. Mudras can be done any time, some of course have special times but generally can be done at all times. And you don’t have to wait for three hours after the meals!!!

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Ādhyātmik Sthiti: Spiritual Equilibrium

What does spiritual equilibrium look like in practice? Join us in this week’s special sabha as we take a deeper look through a series of videos and short presentations into the inspiring lives of our sadguru santos who have reached the peaks of spirituality through the samagam and rajipo of the Satpurush.

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Hindu Matters In Britain  in colaboration with Healing Our Earth

We are pleased to be able to advise you that there is a FREE online summit on the above very important subject that will be broadcast LIVE to Global audiences on : 





The guest list and the programme details can be found on https://healingourearth.com/covid-19 . The session between Lord Jitesh Gadhia and Dr Bharat Pankhania at 3pm  is particularly relevant. They are happy to receive questions, (Click Here), from the community which they can address during their session.

May I request you to advise your community of this summit and the initiative ? 

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