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Hindu Muslim Come Dine Together

The City of Leicester always tries hard to bring about the community spirit. More public institutions should come and see some of the ideas in action. The latest one from the St Philips Centre is to bring about stronger bonds between Hindus and Muslims by introducing a Channel 4 type Come Dine with Me dinner date.

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The Diabetes Tsunami

South Asians are tainted with the blight of diabetes. It is a shame which the community needs to do more and help reverse this dangerous trend. This drift is no longer just in the United Kingdom, but it is reaching wherever the community diaspora locates.

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Benefits of practising Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is very popular and in western countries, people have started practicing Vegetarianism and cut meat products from their diet. Whether they have gone vegan or practice not to eat animal products on some days. Many people have started embracing a plant-based diet.

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Indian Food on the Up

One of the great success of the Indian community is because of its cuisine. Britain has become a big fan of Indian food. Whilst the chicken tikka masala has overtaken fish and chips in the most popular dish, Hinduism per se had helped in the popularity of ‘vegetarianism’.

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The Confused Vegetarian

Getting people to understand vegetarianism has become harder than it needs to be. Even those who understand it, get stuck in the quagmire of ill definitions and the difficulties of policing it behind the scenes.

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