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Freedom of Hindu Beliefs - 2022 Events

Freedom of Hindu Beliefs by British Sanatan Dharmic Alliance

22nd June event

     On Wednesday 22nd June 2022, the British Sanatan Dharmic Alliance organised an event called Freedom of Hindu Beliefs. It was a first of its kind event, bringing together prominent parliamentary figures, community leaders, Hindu rights activists, academics and members of the diverse Hindu community.


     The event played a significant role in informing and educating both policy shapers and community members about the persecution, challenges and hate which is being experienced by Hindu communities and individuals worldwide. It also served as a springboard upon which to think about solutions - be it through raising awareness in the right spheres, pressuring policymakers and media bodies to actively engage with the Hindu community and shed its ignorance of growing Hinduphobia, or getting more involved in creating the necessary change. Having set out the vision for how Sanatan Dharma uniquely understands and applies the phrase ‘Freedom of Religion/Belief’, distinguished speakers articulated the issues faced by Hindus in different parts of the world and in different ways ranging from physical violence to disinformation and discriminatory treatment by the media and academia. Each presentation took a unique angle and explored topics which are often marginalised in mainstream discourse. An evidence-based approach was a key strength of each presentation, with some speakers delivering presentations from different parts of the world. 


     This historic event has set the wheels in motion - to inspire change, to coalesce around a proactive vision and to send a clear message to the wider British community: Hindus must be heard. 


5th July event

     On Tuesday 5th July, a follow-up event was held in Parliament after the historic FORB Fringe event on the 22nd June. This meeting was attended by several members of the UK Parliament and key community leaders including Bob Blackman MP, Navendu Mishra MP and Baroness Sandip Verma. First, the Dharmic perspective on Freedom of Religion was set out in great detail, which stood in contrast to the Abrahamic approach. In the Dharmic sense, freedom entailed the freedom to ponder life’s very origins, to ask challenging questions about human nature and destiny, and the right to practice faith without compulsion and fear. This viewpoint draws from the fundamental ideas set out in the Bhagavad Gita, and ignoring them has led the world towards the kinds of conflict, terror and disharmony we see growing day by day. True dharma was argued to be about inner transformation and a focus on the oneness of humanity rather than a closed idea of Truth where other faiths are ‘tolerated’. 


     Thereafter, a detailed presentation was delivered on the ongoing persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh with clear evidence. Some of the material was incredibly difficult to process, however it was imperative to raise awareness in British policymaking circles so the government could be pressured to act and uphold human rights and religious freedom. Thereafter, Parliamentarians heard from a young British Hindu and how Hindus on campuses and in schools face many challenges. Often, this was from other religious communities and also a sense of inertia from educational institutions when complaints were filed. Finally, the session concluded with an impactful talk on how the media, academia and political figures are spreading misinformation about Hindus and Hinduism and themselves contributing to deteriorating community relations and the rising Hinduphobia being witnessed both online and in-person around the world. Concluding remarks on the way forward as well as audience questions were then followed by a one-minute silence led by a leader from the Brahmakumari organisation. 


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