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Is the Labour Party flirting with extremism?

Political Correctness itself has gone on the end of the scale where speaking out against right-wing white supremacy is OK. Still, anything else against extreme left-wing liberals is perceived as an affront to human liberties. Let’s face it, extremism of any kind is wicked for the human psyche.

Reported hate crime has been alarmingly rising in the UK. More than 103,000 hate crimes were recorded in 2018/19, a rise of 10% compared to the previous year. Nearly three-quarters of these crimes were related to race. Religious hate crime has also increased steadily. While the vast majority of the reported crimes are against the Muslim community, other minorities are also now facing more attacks as well. It is also unclear how hate crime against white communities are recorded?

The reality is that the last few years has seen extreme behaviour on both sides of the spectrum leading to wider divisions between the left and the right. The Labour Party was seen as the party standing up for the working classes and the underdog. But behind this veil, the party under Jeremy Corbyn has been highly criticised for its extreme left-wing views. Jeremy Corbyn continues to engage with dangerous organisations and individuals; many linked to terror-related activities.

After Labour’s stance on the Kashmir issue, many of his supporters condemned him for being a Jihadi sympathiser. He has alienated the Jewish and Hindu community as well as many white working classes who were lifelong Labour supporters. The General Election will be the real test as to how far the country will tolerate his views.

As we know from history, extreme views from the left or the right are dangerous, as it will inevitably take humanity on a downward trend. In the Labour Manifesto, the party only fleetingly mentions Kashmir relating to the humanitarian crisis it has to help highlight. But it says Kashmir in the same breath as Yemen! How can a political party that cannot resolve its internal prejudices have the right to deal with issues on the international arena? Is it their business in the first place?  More importantly, how can any sensible person put the war-torn lawless society of Yemen in the same sentence as Kashmir where the issues are about equalising the system to bring about the same benefits as the rest of India?

Sadly, some British Indians continue to support the Labour Party stance as they have an ideological issue with the ruling BJP party in India. British Indian artist Sir Anish Kapoor is urging people to vote Labour because he sees the BJP in India as neofascist. Yet he fails to mention the extremist views from all other sides, especially his own Labour who continue to offload their anti-Semitic and anti-India agenda – very sad for someone who has direct connections links to India and the Jewish community.

We know from history what extremism ideology can do. Thousands of Indian Soldiers have sacrificed their lives to fight for freedom and combat such extremism. Let us make sure that when we go to the ballot box, we do not allow people with extremist ideology are allowed to be in power.

Hindu Matters in Britain rejects all forms of extremism and argues that we need to combat such extremism as it only stalls the progress of the nation and security for all our communities.



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