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Hindus are the Nation Builders

The largest diaspora in the world is from India around 17.5 million as estimated by the United Nations. The United States of America is one of their top destinations, people of Indian descent made up of 1.3% of the American population and are of Indian Descent and they are one of the successful immigrants in the country. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Canada and virtually every part of the world.

So what is the secret behind the success of the Hindu Community?

Indian community practices various religions. Hindu religion is originated from India and is the biggest in India. Following Hinduism is a person’s choice there is no punishment of leaving it or not following it. Hinduism has four principles dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.

Dharma in Hindu means to be a human. To obey duties, rights, laws, virtues. In short, it states to live in the right way. Artha's concept includes a means of life. To pursue activities and collect resources to attain career, wealth and financial security. 

Hindu family works hard for their family and ensures their children receive a good education and gain skills to succeed in business and employment. Hindus settled abroad contribute a lot to the economy of their respective countries. Hindu family believes in building their careers, hold their family together, forges communal ties based on their traditional institutions and giving the best education to their children they could afford.

Hindus Contribution out of India:

American Indians are among the wealthiest communities in the US with a median household income of 88,000$ compared to the national median income of $ 49,800. They are among the wealthiest community in the USA.  Immigrants contribute $ 2 trillion to the US Economy and among the Indians are the most entrepreneurial of all groups. In 2018 four Indian American Billionaires have been listed in Forbes Magazine John Kapoor founder of Insys Therapeutics, whose Net Worth is 1.8 Billion followed by Niraj Shah- founder of e-commerce company Wayfair with over 5200 employees generates revenue more than 3 billion. The richest American Indian is Rakesh Gangwal with a Net worth of $ 3.8 billion co-founders of Indigo airlines. Followed by Jay Chaudhry co-founder of 3.6 billion Zcaler, Romesh Wadhwani whose net worth is $3.3 billion founders of Symphony Technology and many other Indians contributing to the economy of States.

According to the latest report, Indians in the U.K owns around 654 companies with a turnover of around 100,000 and around 2 billion pounds through capital expenditure. Around 26% of British Indian students educate from top-third institute whereas the percentage of White British students is 15%. British Indians are over-represented in the medical profession, accounting. Also, Hindus scored highest and above the national average regarding the happiness indicator. Top five employers B&M limited with 26,496 jobs, followed by Vedanta Resources Ltd -25,083. It is estimated Indian Companies bring around 85 billion pounds with over 1.7 billion paid in taxes and offering jobs to 280000 employees.

Indian Diaspora in Africa dominates economy after the exile, in Uganda, Kampala if you drop by the upmarket hotel, café or restaurant chances are the owner will be Indian descent. From running banks to supermarkets to farms Indian Diaspora has regained their prominent role in the country’s economy. After Asians exclusion during Idi Amin’s Period, Indians return to Uganda in 1980-1990s. The population of Indians is less than 1% in Uganda and they are estimated to contribute up to 65% of Uganda’s tax revenue. Sudhir Ruperalia is one of the richest men in the country with an estimation of around $800m. Today Ruperalia group is involved in banking, hospitality, real estate, education, broadcasting, and floriculture. They employ around 8000 people in the country. Bidco Group by Bhimji Shah Family is one of the largest companies in Kenya famed for its production of edible oils, soaps, and baking powders. The company has started a new industry park which creates 1000 direct jobs and 6000 indirect jobs via the Bidco group. Currently, the company’s revenue is $500m. Countries like Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Mozambique have marginal strength where a community of this group is economically advanced and shape public opinion as they are employed as a journalist, academicians, lawyers, etc. The High-Level Committee estimated that dominant Indian strength is in Mauritius which is around 70%. Indians in Mauritius influence the political sphere of the nation.

In the UAE, Indians work closely with leaders to shape the country. From Ram Buxani to Yogesh Mehta and other Indians are highly successful. Landmark groups- cars, Jumbo Group- electronics, educations services, and petrochemical businesses are driven by Indians and helped to build UAE hand in hand along with ruling families. The population of Hindus is 25% in UAE. There are three pillars to the UAE success, and the Indian community is one of them, said by Mirza Hussain Al Sayegh who served as the first deputy ambassador in India.

There are around 1.78 million Hindus in Malaysia, they have contributed in the field of entrepreneurship Anand Krishnan one of the richest Hindu in Malaysia and has one of the largest cellular company Maxis Communication. Doraisingam Pillai owner of Lotus Restaurant involving music shops and Cineplexes. Bernanden Chandran is the King of Fashion. In the field of politics, academics, art, music, medicine, social and environment Hindus are involved at higher positions impacting the economy of Malaysia. In Indonesia, there are around 4 million Hindus in Indonesia. Bali is one of the major tourist attraction not only famous for its beautiful beaches, landscape but also for its unique Balinese Hindu Culture. Rich in natural resources Indonesia have many notable Hindus who have played a huge role in the economy of the nation. For instance, Sri Prakash Lohia whose net worth is 5.6B involved in petrochemicals, powerhouse, and industrial products including polyolefin, textile raw materials, and medical gloves. Currently, the company employs more than 19000 people in and out of the country in various fields.

In India, Tata Group is a conglomerate and very diverse reflecting the Indian economy by employing around 80K people in India. From Taj Hotels to fashion house Westside, from Tata consultancy service to tata communications, airlines, motors, watches, tea-coffee, ginger hotels, solars, and the list goes on. Similarly, Reliance group owned by Mukesh Ambani the richest man of India owns a big business and engaged in energy & petrochemical, textiles, retail, communication and employing around one lakh people.  A very renowned female Kiran Majmudar Shaw who received highest civilian citizen awards for her work in Biotechnology. Her company Biocon Biopharmaceuticals makes one of the best enzymes and export to different countries.

 Multinational companies like Google whose CEO is Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s CEO is Satya Narayana Nadella, Indra Nooyi CEO of Pepsico, Deloitte CEO is Puneet Renjen, Arvind Krishana designated CEO, Ajaypal Singh Banga CEO of Mastercard, Shantanu Narayen CEO of Adobe, Vasant Narasimhan CEO of Novartis, Dinesh C Paliwal CEO of Harman International Industries, Nikesh Arora CEO of Palo Alto Networks, Sanjay Mehrotra CEO of Micron, Rajeev Suri CEO of Nokia.

Hindus around the world are wealthy, or middle class and poverty percentages are very low compared to other religions. Hindus live peacefully and aim to be successful and grow together by contributing to the nation’s economy. Hindus live by rules and respect other's religion and faith and do not destruct it. They work together and support government bodies for the nation's development.

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