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Welcome to "India Matters" - your portal to the vibrant tapestry of a nation that occupies a cherished space in the heart of the world. India, a land steeped in rich traditions, teeming with diverse cultures, and adorned with awe-inspiring landscapes, has perennially captivated the imagination of people across the globe.

Our platform is a jubilant ode to all facets of India, where we embark on an exploration of the multifaceted dimensions that render this remarkable country truly unique. From its ancient historical tapestry and profound spiritual heritage to its culinary diversity, technological advancements, mesmerizing world of Bollywood, ever-evolving societal dynamics, and the dynamic political landscape, "India Matters" offers a comprehensive and illuminating expedition into the soul of India.

Whether you are a wanderlust-driven traveler in search of inspiration, a dedicated scholar delving into the realms of culture and history, an enterprising visionary in pursuit of business opportunities, an advocate for dispelling misconceptions, or simply a curious soul intrigued by this captivating nation, our website stands as your ultimate reservoir of information, narratives, and experiences that underscore why India is an undeniable focal point.

Join us on this immersive journey as we delve deep into the mosaic of unity in diversity, in a land where every nook and cranny reverberates with tales waiting to be told. "India Matters" serves as your window to the heart and soul of India, where we explore, enlighten, and exult in the myriad aspects that make India an integral part of our global discourse.

We invite you to come along and embark on this voyage with us, and uncover why India Matters, not just today, but for all the tomorrows that lie ahead, etching its significance in the annals of history.

Hindus:- The Everlasting Impact of Hindus and Hinduism on World Civilisation

Throughout history, Hinduism has been more than just a religion; it has been a way of life, a philosophy, and a cultural beacon that has illuminated the world with its profound wisdom and timeless teachings. From ancient scriptures to modern innovations, Hindus and Hinduism have made significant positive contributions to the world, shaping both the spiritual and material realms. Let us explore some of these enduring contributions that continue to enrich humanity.

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Celebrating Holi: Embracing Diversity and Unity in Today’s World

In a world marked by diversity, where cultures and traditions intertwine, the Hindu festival of Holi stands as a beacon of joy, color, and unity. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Holi transcends geographical boundaries to become a global celebration of harmony and togetherness. As we delve into the significance of Holi in contemporary times, we uncover its timeless relevance and the profound message it carries for humanity.

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BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi: A symbol of shared heritage of humanity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The PM along with the Mukhya Mahant of BAPS Hindu Mandir performed all the rituals. The PM termed the Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi as a symbol of shared heritage of humanity. He said that the temple is a shared heritage of humanity and is a golden moment in India-UAE ties.



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