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When Hindu Awakens, Indology Meets Truth

Whenever, O Bharat, righteousness (dharm) declines
and unrighteousness is rampant,
I manifest myself.

“History is written by the victors”, the famous words often attributed to a British politician though it is unclear who exactly said them. Sadly, as layers of truth emerge, one realises the stark tragedy of these words and their impact on generations that follow.

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Did a group of UK MPs mislead the Britsh Parliament?

Did a group of UK MPs mislead the Britsh Parliament by paraphrasing the India's opposition politians without any basic research whatsoever? 


HuffPost > Systemic Hindutva Violence Waged On Muslims In India Sanctioned By BJP Govt: Indian-Origin British MP


The Express Tripbue > India comes under fire in British parliament over CAA, Delhi riots


How the British Public funded BBC and British Media failed to report imparially that BOTH Hindus and Muslims were killed during the fatal riots? 


Is the British media, in this case, in breach of impartiality by paraphrasing the Indian opposition politicians without due resarch? 


BBC > Delhi riots: How Muslims' homes were targeted and burnt


The Guardian > Inside Delhi: beaten, lynched and burnt alive (Hannah EllisPetersen)


BBC > Delhi riots: 'No-one who saw the photo thought I would survive'

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