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Portraits of Jalaram Seva

Hindu Temples are known for being open to all, lavish in style and full of colour. London's skyline is renowned for some of the best known Hindu temples as they enlighten the surroundings. The new Jalaram Mandir in Greenford, West London is no different. It is living up to the seva aspect of its spiritual benefactor. 

What makes a huge difference with the modern buildings is that it attracts new audiences who are younger and befitting issues that impact our modern day societies. The Jalaram Mandir boasts its own eco-friendly system producing electricity which can be pumped back into the national grid. The temple is to run a daily soup kitchen to feed the thousands of people who adorn its premises every week. The Jalaram Mandir is well known for feeding the homeless at its Friday evening handouts in central London. Around 400 homeless people turn up. Now it is taking it's connecting with its own surrounding even further by working with the local community to provide essential services which frankly the establishment should be providing. 

The new opening was full of pomp and ceremonies attracting prominent individuals, many of whom have provided a huge amount of their time as volunteers or have written large cheques to pay for the new building. It is an amazing exercise in giving back to the community. Below are some of the photos of portraits of Jalaram to mark this special occasion. 












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