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Make a complain of Press about Anti- India and Anti Hindu Reporting

The Independent Press Standard Organisation (IPSO) is the independent regulator that holds newspapers and magazine industry for their actions, including individual rights, corroborates high standard of journalism and avail to maintain freedom of expression for the press.

How IPSO works?

The member newspapers and magazines have to follow Editor’s Code includes topics like Harassment, Intrusion to brief or shock, Reporting Suicide, Children in sex cases, Hospitals, Reporting a Crime, Clandestine device, and subterfuge, Victims of Sexual Contact, Discrimination, Financial journalism are mentioned in IPSO.

Clause 12 monitors the press involved in discrimination.

IPSO has the authority to make newspapers and magazines publish corrections and adjudications if they breach the Editors code.

Sending Complaints to IPSO

IPSO will accept complaints in the form of writing through an online form, by email or by posts

Things to send with your complaint

Send a copy or link to an article which a complaint is about.

Point out the clauses of the Editors choice which are broken and explain why it is broken

Send a copy of any letters or emails about a complaint that has been sent to the newspaper or magazine or they have sent you.

After complaining to IPSO send documents of the complaint and received responses to comments@hindumattersinbritain.co.uk

Further queries

For other places to go for help visit here. To find out more information about a complaint process. If you have a question? The answer could be in their complaints FAQ.



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