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The Pioneer Lawyer - Mitham Lam

One of the worst years in humanity’s history is coming to an end it is very sad to see that many key events and anniversaries have been marginalised. One such key date is the anniversary of women’s rights which has been rarely mentioned in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The BBC has reported on the story of 100 years since women cast votes for the first time in the USA. In the UK Indian born the first female students admitted to the Inns of Court.

At Lincoln's Inn in London, one of those students, Mithan Lam, was an Indian. In 1924, she became the first woman to be allowed to practise law in the Bombay High Court, shattering one of the thickest glass ceilings for professional women in the country.

But Lam's influence extended well beyond the bar: she left an indelible stamp on the female suffragist movement and the struggle for gender equality in India.

For the full story, click ‘BBC: The pioneering lawyer who fought for women’s suffrage in India’

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