Population of British Hindus and Indians


Religous UK Population 2001

A decade earlier, according to the 2001 Census there were 558,810 people who identified themselves as Hindus, which at the time was around 1.1% of the total population. The Hindu population has thus increased by around 277,052 or over two-fifths. This may seem a huge increase, but analysed comparatively with other populations and taking the relatively small numbers, it is not as surprising. The population of the UK in 2011 was 63,182,000. There was an increase of 6.9% or 4.1 million from the 2001 Census when the UK’s population was 59,113,000. Compared to other faiths, the Hindu population is least likely to be British born with only 33.3% born in the UK. This is followed by Buddhists (40 per cent) and Muslims (47 per cent), this pattern remains unchanged since 2001. (*This figures are for England & Wales only, but as the Scottish Hindus are small, there will not be asignificant difference for UK only figures). The majority of people with no religion were White (93 per cent) and born in the UK (93 per cent) and these groups have increased since 2001. The white population has also the oldest demographics.

Religous UK Population 20011

Figures according to the 2011 Census, there are around 835,394 who identify themselves as Hindus in the United Kingdom. This accounts to around 1.3% of the total population of the UK. This demographics of this population includes people born abroad who are now residing or naturalised here, and those who are now born in the UK – in some families, this could be the third or even the fourth generation.

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