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How Modi’s Hindu nationalism complements Trump’s racism

Oops, Guardian did it again. Is it right to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an Anti Muslim? Why Guardian news reporters do not state the right facts concerning CAA? Citizen Amendment Act gives benefit to the religions who are persecuted in three Islamic Countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh whereas NRC has just imposed to count the people. The facts and statements are changed by such newspapers that malign the reputation of the PM of India making him Hindu Supremacist which is false of what he has done for Muslims of India. To object this article complain here

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Steve Bell on Boris Johnson defending Priti Patel at PMQs – cartoon

Guardian published a cartoon where Home Minister Priti Patel is depicted as a cow and Borris Johnson as a bull. Priti Patel is Hindu by religion and a caricature of a cow to ridicule a Hindu woman is very offensive and racist hurting the sentiments of Hindu Community. We expect people to take this matter seriously and complain about it here.

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